I would like to buy a vowel Pat...

That was something my wife and I had the opportunity to say to Pat Sajak a few years ago as we competed on The Wheel of Fortune.

We did quite well... we finished 3rd out of three contestants. 😆 You can’t win them all, but we enjoyed the experience.
A, E, I, O, U
In our relationship with Jesus as we learn to FOLLOW Him, it’s ok to buy a vowel. What do I mean by that...

A, E, I, O, U can be helpful letters that remind us how to live out this faith in Jesus.

A = Be Authentic.
Be who you really are with people.
Acknowledge your mistakes and Apologize; humility is Awesome.

E = Encourage.
Encourage people Everyday. This world is tough, be an Encouragement.

I = Introduce yourself to others.
Invite them into your world of Interaction.
Intersecting with others is a way to Invest in those God loves.

O = Offer to help somebody and take the Opportunity to serve the Lord by serving someone else.

U = Seek to Understand someone who is Unique.

So remember, when you are trying to solve a puzzle or the world’s problems; let alone your own, don’t forget to buy a vowel. It helps you to see the picture clearly.

Solve this one and let me know how you did.

Title: ACTION (3 words):

Because of Jesus

Pastor Joshua
Lead Pastor
The Refuge Church

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Kevin Kartak - May 24th, 2020 at 2:24pm

Buy a vowel? If you are struggling to solve this puzzle, you might want a hint:

The double spaces between letters are there to fit just ONE letter in each.

I am from Calvary Chapel Surorise, and excited to see our two churches joining together. I visited the website here to get to know this group a little more and am very pleased to see your heart for G_D.

The Lord bless you all—can’t wait to see you in person, though my wife and I are “snow-birds” so it my not be until fall.

Love in Jesus,