As a church we support local and global missions. Donate to our missions/community outreach ministries here.

Community Outreach

We currently work alongside the Pendergast Community Center to provide for families in need of food, clothing, and other supplies, which are collected every Sunday morning in the Family Room. If you would like to donate please see our list of non-perishable food items below:

Cereal bag 14 to 17 oz.
Canned Foods: Corn, Fruit, Green Beans, and Tuna
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Pasta: Mac & Cheese, Pasta Roni, Ramen Noodles
Saltine Crackers
Spaghetti Pasta and Spaghetti Sauce
Tuna Helper

Global Outreach – India, Brian

The Lord has called us to train pastors in rural villages in the Majority World with a specific emphasis on India. 80% of the pastors in non-western countries (Majority World) have little to no formal training. Equipping these indigenous pastors makes them more effective in reaching their communities for Jesus Christ and shepherding their believers. The Lord has also given us the opportunity to minister to pastors and their wives who have undergone severe persecution in India. Some of these pastors have been beaten for the cause of Jesus Christ, some have had their homes or churches destroyed, and some have given their very lives for the Kingdom of Heaven. Because of the sensitive nature of our work and some of the areas we go we are not using our names. We would appreciate you adding us to your prayer list.

Solitude Place

Our vision for Solitude Place is to be a retreat center where pastors, chaplains, missionaries, ministry leaders, and Christian business owners can come for some respite time at no cost. We all know a hiker stops along the way to rest so he can continue along his journey feeling refreshed to complete his trek. We desire to provide a place where they can come to REST, be REFRESHED and RECONNECT in all of those relationships! Until we have a physical place for guests to visit, we provide rest to leaders by utilizing housing resources outside our network. We also provide counsel through Skype and phone conversations. You can help by praying, becoming a monthly financial partner, and sharing about Solitude place with your friends. With God’s help there are no limits!

Our Mission: To be a conduit of change as we discover the hope found in Jesus – one person, one community and one city at a time.

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