God desires a relationship with you.

We know this because over and over again the Bible explains His desire to be apart of our lives. John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world He gave His one and only Son and whoever believes in Him will never die, but have everlasting life.

”When we read this verse we discover a lot about God, His love for us, and our current relationship with Him.

Martin Luther once said of this verse, that this is the good news of God’s salvation plan in miniature. Let’s see what that means.

God – The one who is over all, creator, who is holy, divine, and blameless.

Loves - The love here expresses a limitless, no strings attached love, willing to accept anyone without any condition. (Romans 8)

The World – This means anyone (Race, color, creed, age, etc..)

He Gave – God is a generous God. He gives a free gift of salvation (Romans 5:12-21)

His Son – This is Jesus. God the Son came to earth. (Phil. 2:6-8)

Whoever – This means anyone (is this you?).

Believes – This means to change one’s mind that Jesus is God (not just a good man), He is the only way to receive forgiveness of sins, His death on a cross paid the penalty of all your sins. Do you believe this? (Ephesians 2:8-9)

Will not die – Sin equals death. That is the wage we have earned for every wrong thing we have done. We have missed the target of perfection, so thus how could we live with God, not unless we believe in Him. (Romans 3:23 & 6:23)

We will have everlasting life – We will be saved from the penalty of Sin and be forgiven. We will live forever with Christ in Heaven. (Romans 5:1-2)

The reason why Jesus came / God gave was because of our sin. Romans 3:23 states: All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Because of our sin, this separated us from God, so God sent God the Son Jesus to come as a perfect sacrifice for mankind. After Jesus died on a cross for the payment of our sins, the bible says He rose from the dead 3 days later, conquering the grave, conquering death and now He continues to live interceding for you and me. It’s because He lives, His sacrifice for our sins is sufficient, for all thought the wage of our sin is death, the free gift of God (Jesus – life, death, burial, resurrection) is salvation for eternal life.

If you believe Jesus to be your God, please ask the Lord to be the Lord of your life. Today, you can have peace with God, a new hope in life, a new beginning when you ask the Lord to be Lord of your life. The very next verse after John 3:16 says in verses 17-18 “For God did not send the Son into the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”

Today, The Lord desires to be in a personal relationship with you. Place your faith / your life into His. He loves you so much He gave His life for you.

If you would like to ask Him in your life today, pray this prayer: Lord, Thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins, for loving me just as I am, conquering the grave and giving me new life through your resurrected life. I believe in you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

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